Exit Foundation After many years of filming the Exit Festival for MTV and Channel 4, this year we took our VR team to Serbia. The result is this fully immersive and interactive documentary about the festival, which gives the viewer the feeling of actually being on the Petrovaradin Fortress, experiencing the music and the atmosphere

WITNESS 360: 7/7

VR City Original Witness 360 is an innovative online documentary series for the 360° video and virtual reality audience. The format is simple: each episode we will feature the story of a subject who has witnessed something extraordinary, but presented in totally new and immersive medium. From news events to cultural moments, the aim of


History Channel Ep 1 Credits: Producer: Darren Emerson Director: Tom Palliser Production Manager: Alex Parrish Production Assistant: Megan Kelly DOPs: Ricky Patel and Simon Kennedy Sound Ops: Farhad Katrahmani, Ralph Hürlimann, Roland Anderegg Editor: Conan Roberts After Effects: Conan Roberts Animation: Hazel Baird Colourist: Ludovic Roussaux Music: Lennert Busch Audio Mastering: Liam James Milner at Prime


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