Spatial Sound Recording at East City Films

360° Spatial Audio

For virtual reality and 360° video to reach its full potential we believe that the audio should be spatial. This means that when you move your head or phone to look around, the sounds behave accordingly in the space rather than just play as a fixed stereo mix. Essentially, you hear as you would hear in real life.

From spatial sound recording on location and sound design to audio post-production and original composition we provide the immersive audio, be it for a 360° video brand experience, or a room-scale interactive VR piece.

Audio for 360 video and VR is a beautiful thing and we will always encourage you to take that extra step and complete 360-degree videos or virtual reality experiences with spatial audio. The level of immersion that can be achieved when you go beyond stereo audio is a must for us and you will find that all of our work is taken to our spatial audio engineer Oliver Kadel and his 360 spatial workstation. With Facebook and YouTube both carrying spatial sound, all levels of VR, from social to PC based VR, can enjoy incredible sound that matches the real world.

Neumann KU 100 Dummy Head microphone - East City Films

Working both in the field around the world and in studios in London and the UK our sound is recorded using the Neumann KU 100 Dummy head microphone, ambisonic microphones, and more familiar directional microphones. Gathering as many audio assets as possible we then go into the studio to create the spatial sound mix. Here we may add foley, music or sound effects, creating the richest and most immersive sound possible.

You can see and hear some of 360° and VR work here.

If you’ve got an interesting project in mind, we’d love to hear from you.