VR Documentary

We are well known for producing VR documentaries about issues of social justice and have recently been name Most Innovative VR Production Studio in London by CV Magazine. From our very first VR experience where we told the story of a survivor of the London 7/7 bombings, we understood the potential of virtual reality to trigger empathy and inspire action. We are determined to tell stories that deserve greater recognition and to use VR to make stronger and faster connections with our audience. We are as happy working in 360 video as we are in room scale interactive VR, and are currently exploring how technology can augment a well-told story to create ever more impactful experiences. Our work has been seen all over the world at festivals from Tribeca in New York to Sheffield Doc Fest and licensed to such media outlets as the New York Times, SBS and Hulu. For more information on our VR studio VR City and licensing opportunities click here.