CGI at East City Films

Visual Effects & CGI

From visual effects on 4K video to full-blown computer-generated imagery (CGI), or special effects in 360 video to motion graphics to help guide you through a VR experience, we can provide VFX to solve a problem or realise a dream. And if you're looking for a completely imagined world which you can fully interact with in VR, then we have that covered too. With an in-house team and trusted partners, we are able to provide infrastructure for small or large VFX projects.

In virtual reality, we regularly take the step into visual effects and CGI. With 360° there is often a need to use CGI to finish an image, be it to hide a dolly and track or to add a more beautiful sky. With interactive VR, CGI is often needed to create an entire room or scene from scratch.

We are well versed in working with digital animation, green screen, 3D models, motion capture and virtual environments. Our visual effects and CGI have been seen in cinema adverts, branded content, television, music video, documentary, 360 video, and augmented reality and virtual reality. Our limits are your imagination (and budget)!

If you’ve got an interesting project in mind that involves CGI and visual effects, we’d love to hear from you.