A VR Documentary for ITV

The Challenge

ITV wanted to drive purchases of the pay-per-view ITV Box Office fight between Chris Eubank Jr. and Arthur Abraham. VR City saw an intimate 360 video as being the perfect solution.

ITV Partnership

ITV extended its partnership with VR City to create a virtual reality documentary taking boxing fans inside Chris Eubank Jr.’s pre-fight training camp and into his Super Middleweight World Title fight. Without question, this was right up VR City's alley.

In The Gym With Eubank Jr.

The 360 video, directed by VR City CCO Darren Emerson, is designed for VR headsets, Facebook 360 and YouTube 360. It gives viewers an immersive insight into Eubank’s Brighton gym as he prepares to take on his next challenge. As a result, fans were given an incredible perspective of his training regime, standing right by him during sparing sessions as he sweats and toils to exhaustion. They were also given a fascinating insight into what inspires him to strive for greatness and got to hear from his father, boxing legend father Chris Eubank Sr. If you ever wanted to know what it takes to be a boxing champion, you should look no further.

Facebook 360

The content went live a week before the fight with a call to action to subscribe to the live coverage of the fight on ITV Box Office. With 400,000 views it made a huge impact on ITV's social media campaign.


VR City also filmed the fight itself and released a full-length film called Junior which charts Eubank Jr's journey from gym to ring, and the eventual retention of his IBO Super Middleweight title. Junior is available to watch on our app.