Lexus: Live The Life RX

360° Video & Branded Content for Lexus

An immersive theatre experience featuring Jude Law and the incredible Lexus RX launch event.

A Formidable Team

We teamed up with Lexus, Freuds Communications and The Department to launch the new Lexus RX with an incredible immersive film.

An Incredible Event

An invited audience of 100 journalists travelled through a theatrical experience under the guise of attending a traditional car launch. As they donned an Oculus Rift headset sat in the SUV, the concealed crew quickly transformed an empty hangar into a bustling film set, catapulting the unsuspecting guests into the life of a film star.

360 Video Capture

We captured all the ensuing action in 360° for a groundbreaking YouTube 360° experience.

You can see how we did it in the case study video below.