East City Films Pre-production

Pre-Production & Creative Development

No matter what discipline we're working in, from virtual reality production or a 16:9 music video to live streaming or 360 video production, a pre-production period is necessary. This always involves production management, where the shoot is planned, a call sheet is written and the crew and equipment are organised. But it can also involve creative development, script writing, pre-visualisation, storyboarding, casting, research, location scouting and camera testing. We're happy slotting into a bigger team or leading from the front and will always arrive on set prepared for any eventuality.

If you are just beginning to plan a project in any of these areas, and need an experienced production company to help get things off the ground, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Branded Content

  • Documentary

  • Music Video

  • Behind The Scenes Filming

  • 360° Photography

  • Stills Photography

  • Virtual Reality

  • 360° Video

  • Live Streaming

  • Multi-Camera Filming

  • Immersive Content

  • Augmented Reality