San Miguel Rich List

VR Experience, 360° Video & Branded Content for San Miguel

Not everyone can go trekking in the Alps but the technology can give people a glimpse into the world of those experiences that are harder to reach. We want to use tech to bring people closer to the experience.
— Dharmesh Rana - Senior Brand Manager, San Miguel at Carlsberg Group

The Challenge

To create an out of home experience that takes people into the rich life of Sunny Stroeer for the Evening Standard launch of the San Miguel Rich List.

Sunny Stroeer

Sunny is a free spirit and adventurer. Formerly a hard-charging strategy consultant, she turned her back on material possessions and career shortly after turning 30 and has been living in an Astrovan to run and climb full-time ever since. Sunny's overarching passion is to be active and push her limits in the side- and backcountry, spanning a multitude of sports from big-wall climbs over multi-day paddling trips to 100 milers and everything in between.

The Solution

With Sunny hiking in the Matterhorn region of the Swiss Alps in September there was a great opportunity. We all agreed that a VR experience capturing that trip, telling her story and giving people a taste of her world would be perfect. With the launch of the San Miguel Rich List our focus we booked our tickets to Zurich.

VR City were fantastic to work with.  From the get go they understood exactly what we were after and delivered a finished product that is one of the best pieces of video we’ve produced.
— Charlie Edelman - Director of Story Studio, ESI Media

The Alps

A great strength of VR is that it can give people experiences that they otherwise wouldn't be able to have. High up in the Swiss Alps is a beautiful place that most people wont have the chance to visit. So taking our team of intrepid explorers/crew to join Sunny was an exciting prospect both for the creation but also for the eventual inspirational result.

The Result

We created an experience which gives people 3 minutes of Sunny's rich life. With drone footage and moving shots, the experience is both powerfully immersive and exhilarating.


The exhibitions at Kings Cross station, Birmingham New Street station and Somerset House were huge successes. With fantastic engagement and people reconsidering their life choices, we couldn't have been happier.


Directed by Darren Emerson | Executive Producer Ashley Cowan | Producer Kristina Neckel | Editor Conan Roberts | Sound Recordist Oliver Kadel at 1618 Digital | Audio Mix & Sound Design by Oliver Kadel at 1618 Digital | DOP Jon Boyce | VR Technical Supervisor Andrew Yardley | Drone Operator Gregory Knutti | Director of Commercial Partnerships Dominic deTerville