Witness 360: 7/7

An Original VR Documentary

An immersive VR documentary about one woman’s experience of the London 7/7 bombings.

A Landmark Film

Witness 360 : 7/7 is an award winning documentary directed by Darren Emerson.

London 7/7

On the 7th July 2005 Jacqui Putnam stepped on to a Circle Line train in London on her way to work. At 08:50am Mohammad Sidique Khan would detonate a bomb in the carriage next to hers. This is the story of her day, the immediate aftermath of the explosion and her road to recovery.


Witness 360: 7/7 has been selected to play at worldwide festivals including Cannes Marche Du Film, Docville, Docaviv and is currently available to view on Jaunt.